Below are links to each month of the 2019-2020 school year. All assignments, activities, labs (and PowerPoint's if needed) are to be downloaded from this site and completed by the due dates listed on the calendars.

Remember that, as stated in the syllabus, if you are absent it is your responsibility to check this website either at home or at school to find out what assignment you are missing on the days you will be out.

Class Handouts/Procedures

PPT: Lab Reports
Reference: Syllabus
Reference: Formula Guide

Reference: Lab Safety
Reference: Learning Targets
Handout: Portfolio

Unit 1.1: Physics Toolkit

PPT: Physics Basics
Lab: Density
Lab: Pendulum
Activity: Graphing w/Excel
Activity: Painted Cubes
Home Work: Toolkit

Unit 1.2: Vectors

PPT: Vectors & Scalars
Activity: National Traveler
Assignment: Star Talk #1
Home Work: Vectors

Unit 2: Linear Motion

PPT: Motion
Lab: Picket Fence
Lab: Accelerated Motion
Activity: Freeze Frame
Assignment: Star Talk #2
Assignment: Muller #1
Home Work: Motion

Unit 3: Forces & Gravity

PPT: Forces
Lab: Friction
Lab: Hooke's Law
Activity: Robin Hood
Activity: Forces Poster
Assignment: What If #1
Assignment: Muller #2
Home Work: Forces

Unit 4: 2D Motion & Forces

Unit 5: Momentum

Unit 6: Work & Energy

PPT: Work & Energy
Lab: Pulleys
Lab: Ballistic Pendulum
Lab: Tossed Ball
Activity: Roller Coaster
Assignment: Star Talk #3
Home Work: Work & Energy

Unit 7: Thermodynamics

PPT: Thermodynamics
Lab: Specific Heat
Lab: Heat of Fusion
Assignment: What If #3
Home Work: Thermodynamics

Unit 8: Waves

PPT: Waves
Lab: Speed of Sound
Lab: Standing Waves
Lab: Diffraction
Activity: Superposition
Activity: The Pied Piper
Assignment: Star Talk #4
Home Work: Waves

Chapter 10: Optics

PPT: Optics
Lab: Optical Bench
Lab: Ray Box
Activity: Optical Sketches
Activity: Paracord
Assignment: What If #4
Home Work: Optics